Edita Bednarova

EUTeens4Green Local Facilitator for Slovakia

Why did you become a Local Facilitator for the EUTeens4Green project?

‘I’ve been involved in youth work and environment topics for many years… at the same time I live in the village where’s one of the Slovak mines which was just recently closed in my region.’

About Edita…

As part of People in Need activities, she has participated in various development aid and humanitarian projects in countries such as Kenya, Afghanistan and South Sudan. Following her experience, in 2O15 she founded an evaluation company BEED. She occasionally delivers training and publishes on the topic of evaluation.

Thematically, she specialises on civil society, education and agriculture development with an emphasis on cross-cutting issues of environmental protection, good governance and gender equality. She is fluent in English, German and Russian. Edita loves opera – in her view, the knowledge of its historical development and current trends may enhance our understanding of geopolitics and power relations.

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