Lucía Fernández Ríos

EUTeens4Green Local Facilitator for Spain

Why did you become a Local Facilitator for the EUTeens4Green project?

‘Because I considered it as an opportunity to approach my future as a change maker and environmental activist. Also, I would like to devote my profession to engage youth, especially in social change, so the EUTeens4Green project would facilitate me an interesting network.’

About Lucía…

Lucía is a social worker and social educator, interested in youth work, environmental and sexual education, gender equality, migration and entrepreneurship. She has experience in working with children and teens due to her engagement in the Scout Movement and the various volunteering opportunities she has lived. Also, she has done an internship in an NGO for victims of sexual violence and another one in an NGO for Humanitarian Aid to vulnerable migrants and for non-accompanied migrant youth.

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