We are looking for evaluators of local projects!

The call for applications closed on 5th December 2022.

Who are the evaluators?

The role of the evaluators is to evaluate the applications of the EUTeens4Green call.

The evaluators will be selected upon their experience in the youth, educational or environmental fields to perform the assessment of the EUTeens4Green call applications. 

An Evaluation Committee composed of a jury of 10 external evaluators will be set up to ensure the neutrality and balanced composition of the jury.

Evaluators should not be local facilitators, nor members of the consortium or from Generation Climate Europe (GCE). Furthermore, evaluators should not be applicants under EUTeens4Green nor from the same organisation as applicants. A declaration of Honour will be signed where the Evaluator commits to inform the consortium if they receive an application from a relative or someone they may know.


We are looking for possible candidates who are available within the period of 12.1.2023 to 6.2.2023 to evaluate the applications.


A remuneration of 700 € is foreseen for each evaluator.

How to apply

Please, express your interest via the form below. Deadline: 5th December 2022

All data submitted via this form will be used only for the purpose of selecting the local facilitators. I will not be shared outside the project consortium.

Read more about the call

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